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Acrylic Dry Erasable Flat Ten Frame — Fits across Trofast Bin like a Flisat Insert

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Why 10?! 10 is the building block of our base 10 number system. If a child can help “see” that 6 plus 4 equals 10 — it’s easier for that child to later “see” that 60 plus 40 equals 100, and 600 plus 400 equals 1000 , etc. It is important for children to make these connections when learning numbers and early math. The 10 frame really helps them see, and even better - DO! Counters can be arranged in various ways to represent various numbers. This helps your children visualize and gain a strong sense of basic numbers. Learn numbers in relation to 5 and 10. Put items into 8 of the holes and ask your child is 8 more or less than 5? How many more than 5 is it? You’re right! It’s 5 plus 3 more ! And only 2 more makes 10! Wow ! 8 + 2 equals 10! Do you see all the learning that just happened there?! And it’s not just on paper — this is learning that happens by playing, discovering and doing.

Combine with other educational and learning activities to create a fun and focused play time! I love to have my afternoon coffee and watch my littles play with these sensory activities.

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