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Weather Memory Game

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Weather Memory Game — hand drawn by Alisa. Help your little one learn about the sunshine, rain and tornadoes with this compact memory game.

Memory games are a perfect educational toy for your little ones! In addition to using them as a traditional memory game - use them as little storytelling coins ⚡️🌈. Each time you pull a coin out of the bag - add a new sentence to your story, using the image as inspiration. Or - make musical & rhythmic sounds by tapping them together or plopping them into an empty Kleenex box. The possibilities are endless. These are wood burned with a laser machine and coated in a non toxic wood oil — completely eco friendly long lasting heirloom toys 🌿. Oh, and made with the most love ❤️

These wood memory games are educational toys on the go. Montessori inspired, these matching games are the perfect long lasting wood toys. It is a children's game designed with learning AND fun involved for your children. Memory games encourage concentration, focus, and memory growth. These busy bags make the perfect stocking stuffer or toy for toddlers & young children.

Our memory match games are perfect for learning through play. They are also the perfect size for little hands!

Our wood discs are 2" wide by 1/4" thick - a little larger than others, and bigger & more robust for little hands! 

All images are laser burned into the wood, creating a permanent non toxic image. Order a set today to keep your little one busy.

This Wood Matching Game is small and compact; perfect for vacations, family gatherings, train/ferry rides, doctors offices, and more! It is travel ready and comes in it's own drawstring, linen bag.

Each set comes with 16 wood coins (8 pairs of matching images), and a drawstring linen bag.

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