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White Acrylic Dry Erase Colour Sorting Flisat Table Bin Lid

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These Flisat inserts/table tops are made from high quality acrylic They are made to fit the small and large Flisat bins. Each insert comes with a set of acrylic discs to match. 

🌈 Exploring the Rainbow! 🌈🌈✨ Dive into a world of colors with our sensory table insert, designed to teach little ones the vibrant hues of the rainbow. 🌈🎨 Spark their curiosity and watch as they sort, match, and discover the magic of colors! 🌈💫 Let their imaginations run wild as they explore the world of hues and create their very own masterpieces. 🎨🌈 Join us on this colorful adventure and let the learning and laughter begin! 🌈🎉 

Order matching felt balls for your little one to put through the holes. Colour Sorting has never been more fun! 

We also sell a set of felt bowls that are all of the same colours. Find them here. 

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