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Woodland Animal Wood Toy Figurines

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These little woodland animals are the cutest little wood toy animals! They make the perfect gift basket stuffers.  These are perfect little toys for imaginative play, motor skills, role playing, logic development -- the list goes on.  They are the perfect little addition to any play space.  

Wooden toys are made from a natural material and fill children with whimsy.  They are simple, but with simple shapes -- children discover their own creativity and imaginations.  You never know the endless number of ways that your little one will play with wood toys.  Wood animals in their basic shapes help your little ones with animal recognition.  Teach your little ones the animal names, and the sounds that each animal says.  What does the fox say? 

Each animal is cut in house, meticulously sanded smooth in every corner, nook and cranny; and finished with love.  These heirloom quality toys are made to be passed down for generations.  These are eco-friendly, safe, natural and long-lasting.  Choose from beautiful light hardwood (maple) or rich dark hardwood (walnut).  

Fox: Approx 2"x4.32"x0.75"
4 Legged Larger Bear: Approx 2"x4"x0.75"
Baby Bear: Approx 2"x3.1"x0.75"
Deer / Doe: Approx 3.26"x3.2"x0.75"
Buck: Approx 4.25"x3"x0.75"

Please note that each piece of wood is unique in its own way with knots & grains & designs.  Yours will not look exactly like those pictured but will be beautiful and uniquely yours. 

Suggested Ages 3+ 

Once the toys have left our hands, the purchaser accepts full responsibility & liability for all AW & Co. toys.

Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys.

Thank you for your support!

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